What is Stellar?
Stellar is an open network for sending and exchanging any kind of value
Global network, local fiat
Stellar allows fiat currencies to instantly move anywhere in the world, just like email. There are dozens of fiat-backed stablecoins already on the network, from USD to Naira to CNY.
Seamless asset exchange
Stellar makes it easy to digitize any asset – from currencies to carbon credits – so they can move over the internet with ease. And because Stellar has a built-in order book, trades occur with minimal latency, high security, and low fees.
Trade Fiat and Crypto via StellarX
Clean consensus
Stellar’s consensus protocol is designed to support the requirements of real assets. No forks, no energy-wasting, and no unfair staking. The upshot: counterparties can transact trustlessly, at very low costs.
Stellar Consensus Protocol
Ecosystem momentum
Stellar’s usage has soared since its launch in 2014, as forward-thinking teams have sought out a functional, scalable, and flexible network to build modern financial applications.
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